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1000kgs Magnetic Lifter

1000kgs Magnetic Lifter

Product Detail:

P / N
Test Capacity
Outer Dimension
(B x H x L )mm


Name: 1000 kgs Magnetic lifter
Mold No: PML-10
Magnetism: Permanent
Magnet: Neodymium strong magnets
Type: 1000kgs
Standard: ROHS, EN7, part1,2,3, Non-Phthalate
Certification: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, RoHS, EN71
Brand: Smart Magnet
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Application: Widely used in In loading and unloading, the lifter can hoist iron/steel blocks, cylinders and others onto magnetic materials for linkage or connection. It is very convenient for application in loading, unloading, and moving. Permanent magnetic lifters are the most ideal lifting facilities for factories, docks, warehouses and  transportation.

1) Without power ; No risk in the condition of no electrical source .
2) Use high-energy NdFeB Permanent magnetic material to be smaller volume .
3) A great concentration of power with a safety factor 1:3.5 on the suggested load.
4) Benefits of 1000 kgs Magnetic lifter:
     *Low operating costs
     *High level of safety and reliability
     *No residual magnetism
     *Independent of the mains supply for use anywhere
     *Lever control with integrated safety feature to prevent accidental switch-off
     *Require little maintenance
5) Optimized magnetic circuit together with appearance design made the structure of the product simple and firm, even with a large air gap.
6) Special handle-operating switch with safety bottom 
7) Type V through at the bottom of the holding face; can lift round stick and steel panel.
8) High coercive force, strong magnetic power;
9) The maximum operation up to 200 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature; 
10) 1000 kgs Magnetic lifter is manufactured according to ISO9001 quality system;