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Snake Eggs

Snake Eggs

Product Detail:


Name:Magnetic snake eggs
Mold No: SMTT-002
Magnetism: Permanent
Magnet: Ferrite / Hematite magnets
Shape: Olive
Color: Black
Surface: Polishing
Standard: ROHS, EN7, part1,2,3, Non-Phthalate
Certification: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, RoHS, EN71
Brand: Smart Magnet
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Application: Magnetic toys, fitness massage.

Feathers of  Magnetic snake eggs :
1) Material: Ferrite / hematite magnets.
2) Magnetic field: approxi 1200Gauss
3) Size of Magnetic snake eggs: 16 * 45MM, 18 * 60MM, tin Size: 65 * 65 * 23MM 
4) snake egg magnet note prescription processing through high-tech, tough light. The product is the world's most popular toys this year, health care products is one. To separate the two snake eggs, and also into the air, fell, the strong magnetic attraction, and spherical high-speed rotation, given the snake continued crisp voice. At the same time the product is also widely used in fitness massage, massage with the product, can bring the enjoyment of a very comfortable, so popular.
Customers feeling:
Simply amazing. I must have it!
Cool, and definitely interesting, it's worth the price.
I've never seen any product more perfectly designed to...
This looks really cool! I wonder if they might/could develop a product with a more practical use than just a cool toy.
5) Delivery time: the proof sample is within 7 days, the common order is about 15 days.
6) OEM or ODM are available.