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China to Start Consolidation in Rare Earth Industry; Jiaruns Aluminum Capacity to Come OnlineDate:2013-09-18

SHANGHAI, Sept. 17 (SMM) – 

China to Start Consolidation in Rare Earth Industry
Japan has started development of substitute for rare earth, and Russia and Japan both announced they have obtained mining rights and worked out mining plans for new rare earth resources. In this context, China’s rare earth industry is confronting huge change. 
It was revealed at the 5th Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum that Baotou Rare Earth Exchange will start operation in October. Besides, the acceleration of consolidation in China’s rare earth industry is also emphasized at the forum. China Rare Earth Industry Association proposed to loosen the mandatory plan for light rare earth production.
Xinjiang Jiarun’s Aluminum Capacity Comes Online
Xinjiang Jiarun Aluminum & Electric will put its 150,000 mt/yr aluminum capacity online, raising the plant’s total capacity to 300,000 mt/yr.
The plant disclosed that its operating capacity will hit 300,000 mt/yr in October with monthly output expected at 25,000 mt. The supporting power plant will also be built by the end of the year.
The designed aluminum capacity for the plant is 1.6 million mt/yr, and the capacity in operation in early 2013 was 150,000 mt/yr.


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