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SMM Rare Earth Weekly Survey: Price Increase for Rare Earth Products Limited (19-23 Aug. 2013)Date:2013-09-18

SHANGHAI, Aug. 26 (SMM) – Bullish mood still prevailed in rare earth markets last week due to the three-month clampdown on illegal rare earth mining operations and stockpiling of rare earth by the State Reserve Bureau expected soon. However, as effect of the clampdown was not yet felt in the market and the timing and volume of stockpiling remained unclear, price increase for rare earth products was limited. Most investors only watched from the sidelines. SMM expects rare earth product prices to hold steady at high levels this week.

Last week, prices were RMB 28,000/mt for lanthanum oxide, RMB 28,500/mt for cerium oxide, RMB 541,000/mt for praseodymium oxide, RMB 355,000/mt for neodymium oxide, RMB 369,000/mt for didymium oxide, RMB 4,920/kg for europium oxide, RMB 2,490/kg for dysprosium oxide, RMB 200,000/mt for gadolinium oxide, RMB 47,000/mt for cerium misch metal, RMB 465,000/mt for praseodymium-neodymium alloy and RMB 2,490,000/mt for dysprosium-iron alloy.


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